Hard water is the excessive presence of calcium and magnesium two naturally occurring minerals in water. The higher amount of these minerals that are present in water, the higher it will rank on the hard water scale. While both essential to everyday health, calcium and magnesium are not essential for water usage. In fact, hardness in water can have detrimental effects on your home, when using water for cleaning purposes, you may notice spots or a film of residue on your dishes, shower, or clothing. When hard water is heated, calcium deposits can form. If this builds up, it can greatly damage the performance and lifespan of your appliances. This includes your pipes and even your coffee machine. To make matters worse, If your water is high on the water hardness scale, you might also notice effects on your personal hygiene. Hard water can leave a feeling of residue on your hands, skin, and hair upon washing. As a result, your hair and skin may feel more dry and brittle.


Home Appliances Are Wearing Out

Skin Irritation & Dry Skin issue

Cloths Are not Getting Cleaned

Pipes Are Keep Getting Clogged


Unique Combination of Water Structuring and Magnetic two in one innovative and latest Technology

cosmic water conditioner
Cosmic water conditioner is a hard water problem solver. With a proven track record since 1994, our unique water softening product has helped thousands of people in India and solved their water problems and improves their water quality, We are the only company that offers 2 in 1 magnetic hard water treatment systems that do not rely on chemicals.
Our technology that makes water soft, utilizes a unique combination of water structuring and the magnetic principle of water molecules rearrangement, the water flow is forced through the conditioner where an electro-magnetic reaction occurs, during this reaction, electrons are transferred among molecules, completing missing electrons and so new mineral compounds are formed, the electro-physical changes in the minerals neutralize their scale generating properties.
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Zero Maintenance

Maintenance free, Long life, No electricity, Zero running cost, fit and forget.

Long Life

Reduces hair fall due to hard water, improves skin health and moisture.

Healthy Skin

Reduces hair fall due to hard water, improves skin health and moisture.

Chemical Free

No salt used and no chemicals used to softening the water

Essential Minerals

Calcium and magnesium are retained. Better lather with soap and shampoo

Easy To Install

Cosmic water conditioner is a very easy to install and easy to use


water softener

Cosmic Water Conditioner

A cosmic water conditioner is not just a magnetic conditioner or just a water structuring unit, it is a result of 2 in 1 patented technology which is not available in any other products in the market, It is a water structuring device that is coupled with a magnetic conditioner. This two in one technology gives superior results in treating the hard water.
2 In 1 Technology

Unique Combination Of Water Structuring And Magnetic Technology 2 In 1 Innovative Technology

PAN India Sales And Service

Premium Quality Product With Large Sales And Service Network

24x7 Support

24/7 Customer Support, Live Chat, Whatsapp Chat.

Five Year Warranty

Cosmic Water Conditioner Comes with 5 year Warranty & 30 Days Money Guaranty 

Our Products

Our Products

Our Happy Clients!

Purchased cosmic water conditioner, they are help full in finalizing my decision, received the product in 1 day, customer support executive helped during entaire process from placing the order to getting it installed.
Aishwarya S
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I have been using cosmic water conditioner for 6 months now and it's a must for groundwater supply in Bangalore, Starting from the demo at home to show the hardness of the water to install the product, everything is hassle-free and quick!
Navya Gowda
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Highly recommended, we ordered the cosmic water conditioner 3 months back, after installing most of the hard water problem are solved, i am happy with product.
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