Cosmic Water Conditioner-SS | Water Softener | 1000 LPH


Water Conditioner 1.25″ with Disc Filter

Flow Rate: 1000 LPH

Suitable For : Whole House, single flat,

For a family of 2-6 Members


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Cosmic Water conditioner will reduce your and your loved one’s hair fall, dandruff, dry skin due to hard water problems, the hair will be silky and smooth, Soap shampoo, detergent lather more, clothes will clean better and smooth, also it will protect your costly bathroom fittings, washing machine, water heaters, and whole plumbing systems

It’s a PATENTED technology product will come with 30 days money-back guarantee and 5 years warranty, the life of the equipment will be 25 to 30 years

  •  The ability to scale minerals to stick anywhere is majorly reduced.
  •  Lower the water molecules’ surface tension due to micro clustering of the water.
  •  No more white flaky buildup, it can be easily wiped out.
  •  Silky, Smooth texture of water. No Salt required, works on inlet water pressure
  •  Maintenance-free, Long life, No electricity, Zero running cost, fit and forget, easy installation.
  •  Reduces hair fall due to hard water, improves skin health and moisture.
  •  Calcium and magnesium are retained. Better lather with soap and shampoo
  •  Due to de-gasification taste of water improves.
  •  Available in 100Lph to 1,00,000Lph which can full fill the requirement of Domestic, Industrial, and Agriculture needs of hard water solution.


  • Water Conditioning TDS Range is 500 PPM To 5000 PPM
  • Existing scaling also will be removed
  • Soap and detergent lather more
  • The plumbing system and home appliances are protected against hard water problems
  • Due to hard water hair fall, and skin issue will be reduced
  • Water will be physically softened


  • TDS and Hardness will be retained (will not be removed)
  • The installation will be at the delivery line (Treated water can not be stored)
  • The water flow rate will reduce by 15-20% on Rated capacity or you can install a higher-capacity water conditioner to meet your required flow rate.
  • Hard scale converted into the soft scale ( since we are retaining the calcium and magnesium in the water) a thin layer of calcium deposits (white spots) will be there on water taps, Glass, and tiles, but it will not be like earlier sticky form, it can be wiped out easily
  • Pre Filter needs regular flushing to get clear water and avoid blockage of water flow, once in a month it needs to be clean the pre-filter
  • Minimum gravity water pressure of 0.5-2kg/cm2 is required from the overhead tank if not pressure pump 0f 0.5 or 1hp is required to be installed for smooth operation