Reverent Water Structuring Unit 1.5″ | Water Softener | 4000 LPH


Water Structuring unit-1.5″-4000 LPH

Suitable for: Whole house, apartment,

Comes with Disc Filter 2″ whole house filter unit 20″ x 2 No’s & 4 No’s extra whole house filter

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We have developed a unique technology solution for hard water problems, our water structuring unit is based on the principle of turbulence vertex structuring technology (TVST) this will effectively reduce the surface tension and size of the water molecules cluster, water becomes lighter, softer, thinner & soluble which leads to prevent the scale formation and protect all your appliances

*The ability to scaling minerals to stick anywhere is reduced

*Lower the water surface tension due to micro clustering of the water

*No more white flaky buildup, it can be easily wiped out

*The silky, smooth texture of water, works on inlet water pressure

*Maintenance-free, fit and forget, easy installation

*Calcium and magnesium are retained.

*Does not require any kind of electricity or chemicals

*Prevents scaling formation in water Pipes & Taps

*Reduces hair fall due to hard water, improves skin health

*Water gives better lather with soap and shampoo


To avoid blockage of Water Structuring Unit Customer need to install
Bag Filter / Prefilter before water Structuring unit and minimum water
The pressure required 1K/cm² to 6Kg/cm²

It will be connected for Inlet of the Overhead Tank
For 1/2, 3/4″ & 1 HP Motor
WSU 1″ x 1 No
For 1.5, 2 HP Motor
WSU 1.5″ x 1 No
For 3 HP & above
Multiple of WSU 1.5″